Former Klay Thompson impersonator banned from Chase Center.

By impersonator of Klay Thompson gone viral a few years ago at the communication received from the Golden State Warriors to no longer be welcome at the Chase Center. This all happened to American youtuber Dawson Gurley, known as BigDawsTV. In 2017, the boy became famous in the NBA scene for his resemblance to Thompson. He even showed up at a Golden State game wearing the outfit of his “doppelganger” and having his picture taken.

In Game 5 BigDawsTV was present at the Chase Center, but received far fewer honors than a few years ago. The youtuber posted on Twitter the letter with which he Warriors banned him for life.: he will no longer be allowed to attend any games in the San Francisco arena. The reason for Golden State’s decision lies in the fact that BigDawsTV allegedly overcame several security blocks, accessing areas of the facility he would not be allowed to get to and even entering the court to take a few shots for about ten minutes.

The youtuber denounced the incident on Twitter, saying it was not his fault that security did not do their job, asking for his ticket and preventing him from passing. BigDawsTV also said that he thus lost $10,000 in tickets, but that he has no regrets because “he was an NBA player for 10 minutes.”.

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