Fontecchio you are a SPECTACLE! Season high tied and Utah win with Dallas

By now Simone Fontecchio is a guarantee for coach Will Hardy and the Utah Jazz, and tonight against the Dallas Mavericks he proved it once again.

The Italian kid put up a score 24 points, a season high, captured 6 rebounds, dished out 2 assists and stole 2 balls. All of this helped the Salt Lake City franchise to win big at the Delta Center against the Dallas Mavericks 127 to 90.

Recall that Simone Fontecchio’s Utah Jazz, no more than a month ago, had taken 50 from the Dallas Mavericks, while tonight they won by 37. How the NBA world changes in a matter of weeks.

Source also put a stoppage there and pulled 10 of 16 from the field, including 3 of 8 from long distance, all while losing only one ball, another statistic in which he has improved so much in this year and a half in the NBA.

This performance by Simone is yet another demonstration that he fits great in that context, and not just as the 3-point shooting specialist. Or rather, maybe yes in a contender context, but in a play-in team he can easily be a starter and have a starring role.

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