Federico Buffa: “With Wembanyama, we’re at Space Jam! That’s why he is the emblem of the NEW NBA.”

Federico Buffa, former Sky Sports journalist, returned to spout pearls of sports wisdom on the American broadcaster along with Federico Ferri during a program of the title “Federico Buffa Talks.”. Among the many topics covered, in the second episode, Federico Buffa also talked about the first pick of this summer’s draft, Victor Wembanyama.

“Victor Wembanyama is definitely something we’ve never seen before, that’s objective, maybe he’s a ‘never seen before’ even more than LeBron James in 2003. When he was 13-14 years old, his coach at the time showed him videos of Pete Maravich, the greatest creative in the history of basketball, more creative than anyone else, and today he is over 2 and 20 but he has the imagination, the creativity, that ‘Pistol Pete’ had, who was, however, about 30 inches smaller and played guard, not center. With Wembanyama we are at Space Jam! In 10 years, when there will be 6-7 players on the field who are 8 feet tall, either they will widen the field or it will become another sport.”

Wembanyama – added Federico Buffa – Is also the emblem of the new NBA. No longer just African Americans, but Africans whose parents or grandparents who migrated to Europe and who come from Europe to America to conquer the NBA. African-Europeans do have one advantage, however: they have the opportunity to have high-level basketball schooling earlier than their peers. At 15 years old in the United States you can only play high school. In Europe, on the other hand, they can play at a high level and against older and more experienced opponents.”

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