EA7 Milan, is Gallinari about to begin his final NBA season?

Danilo Gallinari has been a player for the Washington Wizards for a few days. after the trade that brought him to the American capital but he may already be thinking about the later, about when he will return to EA7 Milan.

Gallo comes from a very difficult season in which he never played because he was seriously injured with the national team in late August 2022 in a World Cup qualifying match against Georgia.

The class of 1888, who will turn 35 in about a week’s time on Aug. 8, had fulfilled his childhood dream of playing with the Boston Celtics but it was all over before it began and he certainly was not happy with the treatment he received, as he pointed out HERE.

By now the years are several, 16 in the NBA at the end of 2024, and the Rooster is a father. So he may soon decide to return to play in his Milan Still as an absolute protagonist, trying to lead it to win the EuroLeague.

Next summer could be beautiful for him because. he could play the Olympics again with Italbasket, this time in Paris, And he might decide to return to his city. This is also what Giuseppe Sciascia writes in the columns of today’s Il Corriere della Sera.

Let’s see if indeed 2024 will be the year when Danilo Gallinari returns to wear the Olimpia EA7 Milano jersey.

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