Draymond Green has no plans to change the way he plays despite suspension

When you think of the player who gets into the most trouble in the NBA in terms of dirty plays, everyone thinks of the same one: Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors.

Earlier this season, Green had to serve an indefinite suspension because of one such dirty play and left the Warriors on their own for a long time. That was probably the worst of his bad moments and he obviously does not want to be suspended and miss any more contests. Many people thought that after that incident he would change the way he plays to avoid more such instances but that will not be the case.

Draymond Green was asked on Saturday if he was changing his approach to the game. The Warriors and the rest of the NBA are on break for All-Star Weekend and Green was asked what his approach was during the TNT broadcast. Despite the problems he has had, Green is not changing anything in terms of his approach.

These are his words:

“I’m not changing my approach to the game at all because my approach has allowed me to be as successful as I have been.”, Green said. “Sometimes you have to take the good and the bad, and it’s not me asking others to take my bad. Sometimes I have to be able to live with the bad too, because to understand what drove me, I think for me, number one, I didn’t start therapy, like ‘oh, he just started therapy.’ I’ve been doing therapy for years, once I realized how useful it was for me. And so it was all a ‘oh, he’s going to therapy and he’s changed’ narrative. Instead, no, what I did was I had a chance to sit down. I had the chance to identify the things I want to change, which is great. I had a chance to have great conversations with Adam Silver and all the other members of the league office..

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