Doncic’s explanation of the dance makes his evidence even crazier

The historic performance of Luka Doncic against the New York Knicks is monopolizing the NBA world.

60 points, 21 rebounds and 10 assists are crazy numbers. They take on even more value thinking that they were worth the overtime victory at the Dallas Mavericks who were losing by 9 with 35 seconds left. The tie came thanks to a basket by Doncic, who grabbed the rebound after purposely missing a free throw.

After this play the Slovenian performed a dance that obviously quickly went viral on social media. At the end of the game he explained that he performed it because he thought it was the winning basket, not the tie.

A statement that gives a whole other value to the previous play. If he thought it was the winning basket, then Doncic shot the free thinking his team was down by one. It means he rejected the chance to tie the game and send it to overtime in favor of an improbable victory basket. A real delirium of omnipotence, made possible by the unreal performance he was putting in. In the end, he was right. Then again, how can you blame someone capable of accomplishing such a test?

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