Denver, Mike Malone is furious: “We’re in the Finals and we don’t feel like playing.”

Sensational rant by Mike Malone After defeat in Game 2 of NBA Finals.

I Denver Nuggets lost 108-111 the second game of the deciding series to the Miami Heat. The Florida franchise captured the 1-1 tie and now has the home-court advantage. In the postgame press conference, Nuggets coach Mike Malone said. groomed his team, especially on defense.

Absurd, we are in the Finals and I have to talk about lack of commitment and desire, I am very worried. With the starting five we took a 10-2 lead to start the game, then at the beginning of the second half with the quintet of new guys on the court we conceded 11 points in two minutes. I don’t know if the guys were discouraged because they weren’t getting their shots in or convinced they could light up at any moment. But it doesn’t work that way, this is not pre-season, this is not regular season, this is the Finals. I am very perplexed and disappointed, in these playoffs we have never been so undisciplined. Miami wanted to win more than us, we made so many mistakes and they made us pay for every mistake. Lack of communication, individual mistakes, zero tactical discipline. In game 1 we were lucky because they missed 16 open triples, we knew it would not happen again me we gave up 10 to Strus, 6 to Vincent and Love, 3 to Robinson. In the fourth period we disbanded for good, they put up a 13-2 break scoring every which way, then they slowed the pace but we were never able to oppose them. Our defense has to grow, in the last period of game 1 and in game 2 it was nonexistent.

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