Damian Lillard defends Draymond Green: “He just lost his balance.”

It’s amazing how much the intensity of the NBA increases in the playoffs. After all, teams have to win 16 more games to win a coveted championship, so there is no point in leaving anything on the table. Therefore, it is no surprise to see how much physicality there was during the Golden State Warriors’ exciting first-round matchup in the 2023 NBA playoffs against the Sacramento Kings, particularly between Draymond Green and Domantas Sabonis, and Damian Lillard had his say.

With seven minutes left in the fourth quarter of the Kings’ 114-106 win in Game 2, Green, after Sabonis grabbed his leg, stepped on the Kings’ center’s chest. Sabonis then writhed in pain on the floor, especially after bearing Green’s less than graceful weight on his frame. The referees then proceeded to eject Green for a hostile act.

While Draymond Green does not have the cleanest reputation when it comes to stupid postseason fouls, Damian Lillard believes there was nothing intentionally dirty about what the Warriors wing did.

“Holding foul by Sabonis…I don’t think Dray tried to step on him…he simply lost his balance 🤷🏽‍♂️…”,Lillard wrote on his official Twitter account.

While Damian Lillard’s reading of the situation may be very true, it is clear that the Warriors’ player history did not help things at all when it came to that play.

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