Dallas Mavericks cut Kemba Walker

It was a short-lived adventure for Kemba Walker at Dallas Mavericks. The franchise recently decided to cut the player, whose contract would become guaranteed for the entire season starting tomorrow. Walker played only a few weeks in Dallas, also scoring 32 points against Cleveland on Dec. 18.

The point guard continues to find no long-term home, as he has moved on from Boston, Oklahoma City, New York, Detroit and Dallas in the past three seasons. Kemba Walker in his 9 games with the Mavs has scored. 8.0 points average. The Texans will give more room to McKinley Wright IV, who has a two-way contract, and rookie Jaden Hardy, who scored 15 points in 15′ last night against the Celtics.

Sources: Mavs are waiving Kemba Walker, whose salary would have become guaranteed Saturday. Two-way G McKinley Wright IV has earned minutes and Mavs also want to leave path for rookie Jaden Hardy to get playing time. Walker had 32-point game for Mavs and was ultimate pro.

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