Chris Paul called diatribe with Scott Foster “personal,” and it involves his son

The news of the NBA night is surely another episode, perhaps the most serious so far, in the diatribe between Chris Paul and the referee Scott Foster. The Golden State Warriors’ point guard was ejected for double technical during the game against Phoenix, but before leaving the court he repeatedly yelled “you’re an (bleep)!” at Foster’s address. On social media, the exchange between the two before and after the ejection, which came after CP3 told Foster “I have something in store for you.”.

In the press conference, of course, that was almost all that was talked about. Chris Paul did not take any steps backward, in fact he called “personal” the problem he has with Foster, dating back many years. CP3 also admitted that he had a private meeting with his father, Scott Foster, Doc Rivers, and Bob Delaney (another referee) back in his Clippers days.

“It’s personal, we had a disagreement years ago and since then it’s become personal. Everybody knows about it, even the NBA. My son is also involved in this matter. I’m fine with a referee talking and even saying explicit things, but not using a technical foul to express himself. The situation with my son? He knows, you may not. Years ago I had a meeting with him, my father, Doc Rivers and Bob Delaney, when I was at the Clippers. We dragged it on, but I don’t want to say any more lest I get a fine.” Paul said. Evidently the Warriors player wants to keep private the reason for his altercation with Foster and the role his son played in it all.

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