Chris Bosh is certain that at the end of his career we will crown LeBron GOAT

Chris Bosh played alongside LeBron James with the Miami Heat for four years. During this time, he was a firsthand witness to the King’s greatness. However, LeBron’s legacy extends far beyond his two-title stint in South Beach, a fact Bosh is well aware of.

Speaking on a recent episode of the All the Smoke podcast with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes, Bosh spoke on the topic of whether or not LeBron is the GOAT. According to the Hall of Famer, he simply does not see anyone matching James’ accomplishments on the basketball court:

“We all have our dreams about how things will go and how your career will play out. I think to judge him, we have to wait until he finishes playing. There’s no point in judging him before that. And it will be a dangerous new benchmark for any other player who wants to be the GOAT. You will have to have at least 18 years of excellence.”.

Bosh is not wrong here. What LeBron James is doing right now is simply unprecedented. There is no one in NBA history who has had 18 straight years at such a high level. And what is most amazing is the fact that LeBron is not done yet.

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