Bronny James collapses in ESPN’s 2025 Mock Draft, Cooper Flagg toward first pick

Earlier today, ESPN released its update toward the NBA Draft 2025, with Cooper Flagg always firmly in first place and likely destined for the First Overall Pick. The player, who will be at Duke next season and then make the jump to the bigs, precedes Airious Bailey and Khaman Maluach. The name that is undoubtedly most familiar to those who do not chew American high school basketball, however, is that of Bronny James.

LeBron’s son, long-awaited in the NBA since his father declared his goal to play one year on his own team, was considered until a year ago a possible Lottery pick in the 2024 Draft. Instead, due mainly to thecardiac arrest suffered last summer, James Jr’s impact in the NCAA has been minimal.

The 2001 class is playing out his freshman season at USC, however, registering 5.5 points on average (only 3 times in double figures in 19 games). Understandable, given his young age and having to live with heart problems, which slowed his return to the court in the fall. However, the possibility of seeing him in the NBA as early as next year seems to have faded.. According to ESPN, if Bronny declares himself eligible in 2025, after two years of college, as of today, he would rank 39th overall calling, early in the second round. The pick currently belongs to the Portland Trail Blazers.

By experts, Bronny James has been described in recent months as a very good 3&D from an NBA perspective. In this first college season, however, he is shooting just 27.5 percent from behind the arc.

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