Beverley and Westbrook want the ring if the Lakers win the NBA

The Los Angeles Lakers are competing in the NBA playoffs, although they lost Game 2 of their playoff series in the second round to the Golden State Warriors after deservedly winning Game 1. Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook have been part of the Lakers this season, and it appears that both want championship rings if Los Angeles were to really pull off the miracle.

“Russy says, ‘hey Pat, if the Lakers win, I want my ring’ “, said Patrick Beverley via the Pat Bev Pod. “I won’t lie Russ, boy, we’ll be dressed and pressed, boy, I’ll be there waiting for my ring… If they win, call me whatever the f**k you want to call me Rone, I want that ring.”

Beverley and his co-host Rone joked about also participating in the White House trip. The conversation started when Beverley mentioned Russell Westbrook walking into the gym, and Beverley said that Westbrook is his motivation for being there before him.

“Russell Westbrook walks in, ‘heyyy Russy,’ Russy I told Russy ‘yeah yeah, today I beat you in the gym. Yes, today I beat you in the gym, Russy. You’re the reason I’m here, you beat me in the first one-on-one’ “

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