Ben Simmons teased for posting his photoshopped muscles on Instagram

It’s offseason, so you already know that Ben Simmons will cause a stir again. After all, he is considered by many to be one of the greatest offseason players of all time. Indeed he is, and recently the Brooklyn Nets star came out with his first set of summer transformation photos as he looks forward to another season to prove he’s worth all the money he’s taking in.

As expected, Simmons was completely mocked by Twitter after photos and videos of his summer workout sessions went viral. It seems Simmons himself decided to join the fun by posting an obviously photoshopped picture of himself looking like a professional bodybuilder. He must have posted it as a joke, right?

Well, some people on social media thought otherwise and simply had to “expose” Ben as the latest fitness fraud:

Whatever the case may be, there is no denying that Ben Simmons looks great right now. He’s definitely put on some muscle in the last few months. Let’s just hope that it translates to his play on the court once the season starts and, more importantly, that he is able to stay healthy.

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