Beating a minor and threatening him with a gun: the harsh accusation against Ja Morant

A few weeks ago news had circulated that, last summer, Ja Morant had been involved in a literal brawl at his home while playing basketball on his court. According to initial reports, the star of the Memphis Grizzlies allegedly hit a young boy with his fist. Now that Shelby County sheriff’s records have circulated, however, released by the Washington Post, it has emerged that Morant allegedly landed punches as many as 12-13 times with the victim, a 17-year-old boy.

Ja Morant’s position is further aggravated when it is reported that, after the beating, the Memphis point guard would go back inside the house, coming out with a gun tucked into his shorts as a sign of menace. The player reportedly confessed to police that he struck first, but acted in self-defense after the boy threw a ball at his head.

Morant still did not go to trial because, according to Shelby County police, there would not be enough evidence against him.

This is not the first time in recent times that Morant has been involved in an ugly story involving guns. In recent weeks, he and his entourage had been accused by some Pacers staff members of threatening them with a gun of their own, in the arena garage after a game. Even then, the NBA, which had opened an investigation, found no evidence that there was actually a weapon.

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