Banchero tells his “favorite LeBron”: the choice is CLAMORIOUS

Paul Banchero has made a lot of progress in recent times ahead of the 2022 NBA Draft. So much so that he is now seen by some bookmakers as the favorite to be selected by the Orlando Magic as the No. 1 overall pick tonight.
During a recent interview, Banchero revealed that his favorite player to watch is none other than Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. The former Duke star is apparently a big fan of highlights and has had his fair share of LeBron content over the years:

“I will say that my favorite is probably LeBron. There are so many different eras, highlights that you can watch. You can go and watch from his high school days, as a rookie, to the middle of his career. He had three different hype moments, so there’s so much content you can watch.”

Paul Banchero was asked to name his favorite LeBron moment, and he responded in a really amazing way:

“I would say Game 6 against Boston in 2012, that game.”

The hope is to have a strong Italian back in the NBA, like when Danilo Gallinari landed in America’s top league.

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