”An alien ”: this is how LeBron James calls Victor Wembanyama.

In two preseason games with his French Metropolitans 92 team against the Ignites, Victor Wembanyama impressed and put the entire NBA world on notice. He scored a total of 73 points, shooting 22 of 44 from the field, including 9from 3-point range, as well as 15 rebounds and 9 steals. And even LeBron James noticed Wembanyama ’s strength.

While Victor Wembanyama ’s talent has wowed Kevin Durant, the Nets wing admitted that ”the league is really in trouble. ” once the Frenchman makes it to the NBA. It may be another year from now, but the threat the baby phenom brings is real.

French has not only impressed KD. Even Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James couldn ’t help but praise Wembanyama, calling him a ”alien. ” because of his physical gifts and basketball talent.

”In recent years we have all been a unicorn. But he is more like an alien. No one has ever seen someone as tall as he is, but as fluid and graceful as he is on the hardwood … His ability to put the ball on the floor, shooting off the dribble, triples falling backwards, catch and shoot threes, stoppages. He is definitely a generational talent, and hopefully he continues to stay healthy. ”, said LeBron.

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