Ambiguous things are (again) happening at the Lakers: LeBron James, Westbrook and Jeanie Buss

The summer had also brought some calm to the Los Angeles Lakers, reeling from a Playoff-less season and among the most disappointing in their history. In the past few hours, however, things have started happening again, both live and on social media, that have cast shadows on the mutual relations of LeBron James both with Russell Westbrook who with the owner Jeanie Buss.

Both attending the Summer League in Las Vegas, LeBron and Westbrook sat in opposite areas of the court. Behavior that aroused some suspicion despite the fact that James always defended his partner last year. The frost between the two also led the Pelicans to throw a jibe at the yellow-viola on Twitter. Responding to a fan’s provocation comparing the Lakers’ cover photo, i.e., banners of NBA champions, with NOLA’s, a photo of the players sitting on the sidelines for Summer League a few days ago, the Pels wrote: “Our players like to sit next to each other rather than on opposite sides of the court.”.

As if that were not enough a decade ago there was another tweet, by Jeanie Buss. For months now there has been talk of tensions between LeBron and Lakers management, something that those involved have always denied but which has also come out in rumors in recent days.

“I miss KB. [Kobe Bryant, ndr]. He would understand and explain everything that I cannot explain. He was honestly the best Laker ever. He understood that the team was worth more than him, that the rewards come if you value the franchise’s goals before your own. Everyone can answer that.” Buss wrote, immediately bringing LeBron to mind.

It was then Jeanie Buss herself who denied again, in an interview with, any reference to LeBron: “No. I wasn’t referring to him, it was just my heart filled with sadness. You look at the people around you who feel what you feel. That was all. It was nothing but my need to lighten my heart.”.

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