3 times Draymond Green has been a negative talking point in the playoffs

Insider wanted to take the opportunity of the “walk-on” on Domantas Sabonis to go over the 3 times that Draymond Green has most negatively talked about himself in the playoffs.

The main thing for Draymond Green’s game is that he resists keeping the right focus. Not being ejected from a game or being suspended for the next game. Both incidents we will tell you about have happened in the past, and one of the occasions occurred Monday night during Golden State’s loss to the Sacramento Kings in game 2.

1. Passing under LeBron James’ legs during the 2016 NBA Finals.

Of all the incidents involving Green, this one is the most significant, both in terms of when it happened and who it involves. Let’s go back to Game 4 of the 2016 NBA Finals, with the Warriors winning the game and on their way to an imposing 3-to-1 lead in the series.

Green collided with LeBron James (at the time in Cleveland) and was knocked down in the exchange. After James stepped over him, Green got up and responded by throwing a punch to James’ groin. His behavior led to a Game 5 suspension in the series for Green.

Looking at the confrontation on the surface, there probably would have been no punishment intended, but because of previous incidents during the Warriors’ playoff run (more on that later), LeBron’s punch was seen as punishable by suspension by the league office. Of course, there was uproar over the NBA’s decision to suspend him, but if the previous situations had not occurred, it would not have been in the equation.

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In other words, Green has no one to blame but himself.

2. Multiple shots at Steven Adams

Regarding those earlier incidents during Golden State’s 2016 run, let’s go to the Western Conference finals, where the Warriors faced the Oklahoma City Thunder. In several games, Green kicked center Steven Adams (now with the Memphis Grizzlies) in the groin. Whether those kicks were accidental or not is debatable, but the turning point is that these events set the stage for the outcome of the incident with James.

3. Trampling Domantas Sabonis

You already know all about this but more importantly you now know that Draymond Green was also suspended because he has behaved that way in the past. In fact, the recidivism influenced the league’s decision.

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