Lord Venkateswara said in Dream to Distribute one rupee saree in bidar


What comes to the rupee? At least a tea But you have to go to Bidar. If you go to Bidar, you can get Saree for only one rupee. Chandrashekhar a shop owner in Bidar selling sarees for only one rupee. ladies in surrounding areas are forming a queue line for sarees.

If you go further deep in this regard, Chandrashekhar is a shop owner in Bidar and he is a big fan of JDS party. His desire to win the JDS in this year’s election and his leader Kumaraswamy should again take charge as CM. A few days ago, Venkanna came to the dream and asked Kumara Swami to have 5 lakh saris.

So he decided to sell 5 lakh sarees in Chandra Shekar shop in Bidar. This is why only a rupee has decided to sell sarees and the ladies are now in front of the Chandrasekhar shop, which says that the scheme is running for only 15 days.

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