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Tiger Zinda Hai Film Review: One of the most awaited films of 2017, Tiger Zinda Hai Starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif released in theatres on Friday, December 22nd as Christmas & New Year Special gift to fans and audience across the globe. It is a sequel to Kabir Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger (2012), Tiger Zinda Hai is helmed by Sultan fame Ali Abbas Zafar. TZH is Bollywood biggest film which released at the end of the year. Already, The film has opened to rave reviews in Dubai with premier Shows and raised excitement to fans.

First and foremost reason to watch Tiger Zinda Hai is obviously Salman Khan.Being a sequel to 2012’s hit film Ek Tha Tiger definitely adds up to the excitement around Tiger Zinda Hai. In fact, his last release this year Tubelight was one of biggest box-office hits of the year even after being panned by critics. So, in short, Tiger Zinda Hai is going to be the only thing that people talk about for days.While Salman and Katrina are reprising their roles as Tiger and Zoya, the film is helmed by Ali Abbas Zafar this time. He has already worked wonders with Salman in 2016’s sports drama Sultan. Will he be able to weave magic again?

Tiger Zinda Hai Cast & Crew :

Cast                       : Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sajjad Delfrooz, Angad Bedi, Kumud Mishra and Nawab Shah.

Director              : Ali Abbas Zafar.

Producer            : Adithya Chopra.

Musician            : Vishal , Shekar & Julius Packiam.

Release Date    : 22nd December,2017.

Duration           : 2 hrs 41 mins.

Salman Khan Tiger Zinda Hai Film Review

Story plot:  As mentioned earlier, Salman and Katrina are coming back together to the screens after an interval of five years. Their last film together was Ek Tha Tiger. And there too, the audience couldn’t help but gush over the riveting chemistry between Tiger and Zoya. Tiger Zinda Hai carries forward the story of two roles, Tiger (played by Salman Khan) and Zoya (played by Katrina Kaif), after their previous mission. Tiger, the code-name of Salman’s RAW agent character, go back to the same country where he was at the beginning of Ek Tha Tiger – Iraq. Around 40 nurses (25 Indian and 15 Pakistani) held captive by a dangerous terrorist organization in a hospital, and need immediate help.

Based on the 2014 abduction of Indian nurses by the ISIL terrorist organization, looks like Tiger Zinda Hai has a plot as intriguing as the last one. India & Pakistan join hands against terrorism and the movie shows RAW and ISI working together to rescue 25 Indian and 15 Pakistani nurses. Playing Tiger and Zoya’s common enemy, ISC Commissioner Abu Usman is Iranian actor Sajjad Delafrooz.

Review: One thing that Tiger Zinda Hai makers have unabashedly promised in the film is a reckless amount of action. The team has even roped in Tom Struthers who has worked in Hollywood hits like The Dark Knight and Inception to design the fight scenes in the film. Who doesn’t want to watch Salman Khan fighting the bad guys with some world-class punches?

A pure entertainer, TZH is based on a real incident that shook the nation a few years ago – that of nurses being taken hostage in Iraq. In this case, the writer/director mixes them up into Indian and Pakistani nurses that thus allow both RAW and ISI scope to work together. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif head operations of RAW and ISI respectively to rescue the nurses and bring them to safety from terrorist Abu Usman played by the gorgeous UAE-based Iranian actor Sajjad Delfarooz.Well scripted, well shot and engaging TZH is a good watch and a very entertaining film.

Undeniably impressive in terms of its scale and flawless technical attributes, Tiger Zinda Hai is an exercise that rings utterly hollow. Its surface nous cannot conceal the sheer purposeless of all the noise it generates.ore.

Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Rating: 3.5/5

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