Hrithik Roshan Requests Friends And Fans to not take sides in his spat with Kangana Ranaut


Hrithik Roshan Requests fans and friends: Only a few days ago, Hrithik Roshan broke his silence over the ongoing controversy between him and Kangana Ranaut the Queen actor. And in his long Facebook post earlier, Hrithik not only made some valid points but for the first time, told the story from his perspective with Kangana Ranaut.

Now Hrithik’s friends and fans are coming out in support by posting his thoughts on public platforms such as in social media. Hrithik addressed this issue in his latest post and asked people not to make it aware between two sides and let the legal agencies complete their course of action, and not to involve in your personal.

Hrithik Roshan finally responds on Kangana’s allegation:

He also wrote, “I am writing this in response to the several interview requests that I am getting from various media sources. I also have given, Due to the media dynamics of our times, and there is a justified pressure on me to give more. I am no one to suggest what media should cover or not but if this under investigation case is actually covered through the department of police investigation and courts, that would be a better for a lot of us.

I wasn’t a Hrithik fan till I saw this Interview. After hearing Hrithiks Side of the Story I’m totally convinced that, KANGANAIS CRAZYKangana Ranaut needs psychiatric help and fast. She may be a very good actor but shes NUTS. She took the whole of India on a ride. Hats off to Hrithik Roshan for handling this so beautifully with dignity and poise.

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