Raju Kannada Medium Movie Review, Raju Kannada Medium 2018Rating And Public Talk


Raju Kannada Medium Kanada Review: Raju Kannada Medium is a Kanada romantic comedy film written and directed by Naresh Kumar. The movie features Gurunandan and Avantika Shetty along with Ashika Ranganath in the lead roles and Achyuth Kumar, Suchendra Prasad, Sadhu Kokila and the Russian model Angelina Desedina play the supporting roles.

Raju Kannada Medium movie was written and directed by Naresh Kumar and produced by K.A Suresh, The music is scored by Kiran Ravindranath and the cinematography is by Shekhar Chandra. A few days ago the movie has completed censor process and received U/A certificate.

Raju Kannada Medium Kanada Review, Rating And Public Talk

The movie is the story of a village boy who is constantly trying to understand what life is. He is highly ambitious and goes out of his village to achieve his dreams. In every stage of his life, he encounters different challenges and struggles, which make his path very difficult. Will he be able to deal with his struggles and achieve what he wants in life?

Raju Kannada Medium, adds Naresh, is not a film that can be classified in a particular genre. “There is love, but there is also a lot of philosophy, which, at no point becomes preachy. Even Sudeep’s character is one that elevates the film to the next level. The story revolves around human relationships and the characters will be relatable to the audience as someone they know or have come across at some point in their lives.

Overall, the actor adds, Raju Kannada Medium is a family entertainer that will appeal to audiences across age groups. “There is love, humour, drama and family sentiments, as well as a very good message about what is most important in life. At every juncture in our life, there is something that we strive to achieve. Once we get that, we move on to the next, like, for instance,

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Raju Kannada Medium Kanada Rating: Updated soon…

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