Anchor Pradeep Driving Licence Cancelled for 3 Years And Fined Rs 2100 in Drunk And Drive Case


Anchor Pradeep Driving Licence Cancelled: It is known that Pradeep was caught in drunk driving in the early hours of January 1st 2018, i.e New Year eve. Blood Alcohol Content was noted as 178 points when tested with a breathalyzer, compared to the permissible limit of 30 mg/ml. On 8th Jan, Anchor Pradeep attended counseling at Ghoshamahal Traffic PS where he was made to watch few documentaries videos.

Anchor Pradeep appeared in Nampally Court on Friday in connection with this drunk and drive case. He was accompanied by his Father.

The magistrate asked Pradeep how it was fair for him to drive a car in an inebriated state, especially after he took part in a campaign that requested people not to drink and drive on roads. The Anchor confessed committing a big blunder mistake on his own.

Much to his shock, Pradeep’s Driving Licence has been cancelled for a period of 3 years. Even a fine of Rs 2,100 was imposed on him as a fine. He also surrendered his Aadhar card to the authorities.

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