PSV Garuda Vega Movie First Day Collections – Rajshekar PSV Garuda Vega 1st Day Box Office Income Report

PSV Garuda Vega 1st day collections: Telugu new movie PSV Garuda Vega first day collections and PSV Garuda Vega box office collections are here. The movie starring Rajasekhar, Pooja Kumar, Kishore, Shraddha Das in the main lead roles and Sunny Leone in special appearance ‘Deo Deo’ song. PSV Garuda Vega is the biggest opening collections in Rajasekhar career and PSV Garuda vega is going to be a blockbuster movie in 2017.

Dr. Rajasekhar PSV Garuda Vega movie collected huge collections from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state. PVS Garudavega movie collected Rs. 4-5 crore from all Telugu speaking state theaters. This is only estimated collections of PVS Garudavega 126.18M movie. Stay tuned to this space for updated collections.

Rajshekar PSV Garuda Vega 1st/First Day Collections

PSV Garuda Vega Story Plot: Niranjan, a young and ambitious tech-smart guy who holds highly classified government information, tries to evade the government officials who are in desperate need of it. This story is based on Niranjan. Meanwhile, Shekar, a sincere NIA officer who handled several covert operations on his last day at work, gets involved in the murder investigation of a woman on his last day of work. How these stories intersect and  How Niranjan solves the murder mystery, forms the crux.

Apart from Rajasekhar & Swathi film has other stars like Shradhha Das, Kishore, Adarsh, 30 years industry Prudvi, Nasser, Ravi Varma and Charandeep in the important role. Bollywood seductive actress Sunny Leone will be seen shaking legs in special song Deo Deo. Music is composed by Sricharan Pakala and Bheems Cecireleo. Cinematography is taken care of by Anji, Gika Chelidze, Bakur Chikobava, Suresh Ragutu and Shyam.

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